Thursday, July 8, 2010

My first Blog !!

Hi friends ,

Finally me in to blogging !! Always thought of writing a blog and here i am.It feels so good to write a blog .I could have written the blogs earlier as i had ample of time ,as for the past few days i am sitting at home idle .Due to this i have gained weight too .Despite being a good sports person in school and college ,now i am a fat guy with loads of flab's !!!! I have been sitting at home for about a month or so and tried a lot to get in to shape but all in vain .Anyways there is something special that i want to share .I got my joining for IBM,Bangalore .Feels really great from inside so thought to share it with you guys. !!!


  1. congrats for ibm dude.........
    kab jaa raha hai?

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  3. Hhaha! Great
    You should continue writing the same ;) :P